Sargent Gavin Henderson’s Trio

Sgt Gavin Henderson’s Trio was forged in the summer of 2017 – among the trio are multi-instrumentalists and songwriters Tad Sargent, Dominic Henderson and James Patrick Gavin.

Their music has been described as “Ear Candy for The Gods”, by Bill Barclay (Director Music at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and Guardian Columnist), and their sound ranges from high energy,  Irish-style covers of well known songs such as Eye of the Tiger, Money for Nothing, London Calling, to performing well known tracks from famous Irish bands such as Lunasa and Moving Hearts.

Often labelled as ‘Thorough London Irish’ in both their music and their breeding, the lads bring together the best sounds of the genres they tinker with – punk, rock, traditional tunes and more!

This blend alongside their charismatic style has earned them spots on ITV’s This Morning show and doing a St. Patrick’s Ceili at the Cutty Sark in Greenwich.